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Our Customer's Own Material (COM) program provides you the opportunity to have SAFCO made-to-order seating upholstered in the material you provide to us.


  • All COM fabrics and vinyls must be approved by Safco and will not be scheduled for production until the entire yardage/square footage requirements have been received within the manufacturing facility.      
  • The COM approval process requires two business days to evaluate and process the 12”x12” material sample.    
  • Safco will not return excessive material. After 60 days from when the production order ships, any excess material will be recycled as part of our continued commitment to protecting the environment.    
  • Yardage requirements may vary based on several factors including: Applied fabric direction, size, and geometry of the product, and scale or print pattern. Yardage requirements will be conveyed to you upon approval of the 12” x 12” sample. It is important to provide the product model number and units within the COM submission form. Yardage calculations are based on 54” wide materials.    
  • There are no minimum product unit requirements or pricing upcharges. Production lead times vary by product. Standard warranty provisions apply.



Step 1 - Complete COM Form

Download the Safco made-to-order seating COM form.

Fill out COM form and send it to COM@safcoproducts.com for preapproval.


Step 2 - Mail Material Sample & Receive Estimate

Once you have received confirmation from the COM@safcoproducts.com, send in a 12”x12” material sample to the address below to receive your estimate. Please include a copy of the COM form, the model number, and the quantity of products required. Including this information will allow for accurate yardage estimates. Once fabric is received, allow for at least two business days to evaluate, and process your request.

SAFCO Products

Attn: COM Receiving

909 4th St.

Milford, IA  51351


Step 3 - Receive Approval & Mail Material

Upon approval of the material, you will be provided with the yardage required and estimated lead time. Please send in fabric to the below address and include the SAFCO purchase order number in the ship address.

SAFCO Products

Attn: COM Receiving

909 4th St.

Milford, IA  51351

 Purchase Order #__________________


Step 4 - Acknowledgement & Ship Date

Purchase orders will be acknowledged with a production ship date. 

Customer's Own Material Form

Download the COM form and email it to COM@safcoproducts.com.

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